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A famous article from a correspondent in Spain once said "Sometimes beauty can be discovered. Other times it must be created. A diamond, however, must be both discovered and created."
Intense pressure and high temperatures under the earth's crust slowly mold simple carbon into hard, translucent crystals. Once discovered skilled craftsman mold these rare artifacts into crystals of high value. Love, romance, duration, toughness are all symbols closely related to diamonds. They are rare, they don't fade and they don't wear out.

Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity all have a bearing on the beauty- hence the value of a stone.
Cut- called a sculpture in miniature. Facets are positioned symmetrically to enhance the beauty of the gem.

Carat- One carat is equivalent to two tenths of a gram. We simply weigh the stone.

Color- The whiter stones are more valuable. There are a few stones that have what are called fancy colors such as pink, blue or red which are extremely rare and reach higher prices.

Clarity- A stone is classified as flawless- when looking at it with a loupe- there are no imperfections.

With todays modern technology, especially recently, determining a real diamond from fake has become more difficult for even the best professional jewelers. For this reason we bring you the Magic Loupe and hardness diamond tester.

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